This project comprises the following:


1. A professionally filmed version of the 5 star rated production “My Mind is Free” with close ups and filmic angles to make the production more accessible and enjoyable for online watching by participants. “My Mind is Free” is a powerful interpretation of the degradations of human trafficking. It tells the interlinked stories of four people trafficked to and within the UK and their horrifying tales of abuse, exploitation and enslavement. The production uses a mixture of physical theatre and multi–role playing to portray the epic journey and terrible risks that desperate people will go to in the pursuit of what they believe to be a better life, only to find that they are then exploited, ending up in a far worse position than when they started.


2. The show will then be followed by an interactive workshop online. Rah Rah Theatre Company has been successfully delivering the training online now for over 8 months and have had a positive response from all those attending. The workshops are live and remain interactive and this enables those attending to engage more with the material. The workshop gives insight into spotting the signs of trafficking and highlights the difficulties and barriers when dealing with slavery victims.  The workshop looks at which organisations to approach to seek additional professional advice should participants in the workshop think they may have come across a victim.  


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