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From: Joanna Radkowska – Migrant Help

The show has been great and all of the crew were amazing. It has been a true representation of our clients experiences. Well done to all of you for casting a light on what trafficked individuals go through because it raises awareness and gives food for thought. Amazing performance, worth seeing. 

From: Steven Knight- Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority


As a practitioner working on a daily basis to protect vulnerable people from being exploited in the work place, I was privileged to have been invited to attend as a representative of the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority and put some meat on the bones as it were.


As I said on the day following on from the performance, I was able to relate to all of the acted scenarios and felt that being able to follow up with hard facts to the audience was quite impactive.


Alas I fear that raising awareness of Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery will need to continue as we are coming across more and more cases of this particularly unpleasant crime which is in fact a crime against humanity itself.


I would definitely follow this model for next year’s tour.

From: Ms. Bharti Patel – CEO of ECPAT UK

 “We welcome this play and the team’s innovative approach to communicating the complex phenomenon of human trafficking. Human trafficking is closer to us all than we would like to think, and children are especially vulnerable. This play is an important tool to raise awareness of human trafficking and we hope that audiences across the UK will feel moved to come together and work for a world free from modern slavery and human trafficking.”

From: Elisabeth Michau -  Head of Fundraising and Communications, Anti-Slavery International.

‘The performance of the actors was incredible. How they could switch from being one character to the next in one split second. Each of the four human trafficking stories were also well researched and rang so true, so close to the cases we come across at Anti-Slavery International. Long live this theatre production and may it run in October again next year to continue raising awareness on the tragic lives of the 21 million victims of slavery worldwide and the estimated 13,000 victims of human trafficking in the UK alone. Together, we can ensure the implementation of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and in line with the new Sustainable Development Goals, take immediate and effective measures to eradicate forced labour, end modern slavery and human trafficking.’

From: Antoinette Daniel -  Merton Against Trafficking

"Sam Hall has a gift for taking challenging information, and at times dry statistics and turning it all into an engaging, challenging and powerful piece of theatre. This play addresses both the big picture issues of human trafficking as well as the impact on an individual life."

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