The Company


Rah Rah Theatre Company was set up by Jude Spooner and Gemma Beagley in 2001 and was formed, primarily, to bring theatre and educational workshops to the community. So far, Rah Rah Theatre Company has taken fIfty productions and five workshops on tour. The company has been commissioned by over 5 different councils to write and produce shows within their respective boroughs. Rah Rah has also worked for a number of different companies and charities, including: the Imperial War Museum, The National Trust, The Rose Theatre, Trinity Theatre, Dundee Rep, Aberdeen Arts Center, Halifax Playhouse, CAST Doncaster, Colour House Children’s Theatre, Age UK, Age Concern, BUPA, Sunrise and Senior Living.

Due to the success of the initial tour of My Mind is Free Rah Rah gained charity status to continue the good work of the project.


Our aim is to take theatre into the community that makes an impact. We specialise in physical theatre, audience interaction and using drama as a form of therapy.


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