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Rah Rah Theatre Company is looking for 2 actors, one male and one female, aged 35-55 to join their company for the production of My Mind is Free touring Scotland and Yorkshire from the 11th – 31st October 2018.  The play is a powerful theatrical interpretation of the degradations of human trafficking, designed to raise awareness of the issue that is currently at the forefront of the news. The play is 65 minutes long and is a piece of physical theatre with multi-role playing. Actors with experience in physical theatre, multi-role playing and accents are preferred. The actors will also be part of 8 training workshops for front-line workers where the actor will be involved in role playing. The company first toured the production in 2015, receiving 4 and 5 star reviews. It was nominated for “Best stage play” in the Human Trafficking Foundation’s Anti-Slavery Media awards 2016. The show then appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017 again receiving 4 and 5 star reviews and was shortlisted for the Amnesty Edinburgh Festival: Freedom of Expression Award 2017. Venues for the tour include, Dundee Rep, Aberdeen Arts Centre, Surgeons Hall, Carriageworks Theatre and numerous university theatres and community venues.  Auditions will be on the 29th of August and 6th September. Travel and accommodation whilst on tour will be paid for. The actors will be paid between £350-£471 per week (depending on ticket sales and donations). Rehearsals will be 8 days scheduled around the actors late September/early October and will be paid at £65-85 per day. We plan to tour the show again in early 2019 so will hopefully be offering the right actors further work with the project. Please send applications via email to Jude Spooner


We are ideally looking for an actress aged 35-55 with a Spanish/ Portuguese or Brazilian appearance. The actress must be able to speak good English and do a variety of accents. Throughout the show the actress will be playing multiple roles but her primary role will be playing BEATRIZ from Santa Marta in Brazil. Beatriz is desperate for her son to go to university and not get caught up in the poverty she has experienced all her life. She hears about an agency in London which employs cleaners, so she decides to leave her children in Brazil with their grandparents and father and go to work in London. An actress with experience in physical theatre, and multi-role playing is preferred.



We are looking for a British male actor aged 35-55. Throughout the show the actor will be playing multiple roles but the primary role he will be playing is Colin, a former squaddie. He’s come back to the UK after being injured in Afghanistan. Undiagnosed mental health problems mean Colin can’t settle back at home, and his life begins to spiral out of control as he loses touch with his wife and family, and ends up homeless. A friendly couple approach, bringing drink and hope of a job, but Colin finds himself in a van with a group of other men, driven to a part of the country he doesn’t recognise, with his ID taken away.  An actor with experience in physical theatre, multi role playing and accents is preferred.

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